NASPAA is the professional association for sports public address announcers and the individuals who hire and assign announcers.


The NASPAA is the professional association for sports public address announcers of all levels of experience and the individuals who hire and assign them.

NASPAA's Mission

The NASPAA's mission is to raise the level of professionalism of public address announcing by serving as a resource for training, education and professional development for those individuals who provide their services to sports events at all levels nationwide. Partnering with the NASPAA to assist in accomplishing its mission are Affiliate Members. Affiliate Members are key national and state associations and organizations, which have similar core values and philosophy about P.A. announcing as the NASPAA. Click here to see Affiliate Members.

What National Affiliate Members Say

"Many P.A. announcers have not received training and education and do not follow approved P.A. Since the NASPAA provides programs and services and professional development opportunities for P.A announcers, it is positioned to meet the needs and interests of P.A. announcers of our member schools."
Bob Gardner, Executive Director, National Federation of State High School Associations

"Because P.A. announcers play an important role in the conduct of our athletic contests we need to make sure that they are prepared, competent and professional. I am confident that our P.A. announcers will benefit from the NASPAA's programs and services and professional development opportunities, which ultimately will have a positive effect on our events."
Mark Krug, Assistant Executive Director, National Junior College Athletic Association

"The NAIA is proud to partner with NASPAA and hopefully provide the membership with some education on the public address industry," Our Champions of Character program and the key messages that public address announcers have to deliver go hand-in-hand. We recognize that CoSIDA and various small-college associations are Affiliate Members as well, and we understand the importance of the public address announcer's role at each sporting event."
Jim Carr, President and CEO, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

"The American Legion is pleased to join the NASPAA, and we will be encouraging our local announcers to join. The expertise and experience we will derive from this association will benefit our members and fans who attend the thousands of Legion ball games each year."
  Jim Quinlan, National Program Coordinator, American Legion Baseball

"The NASPAA is to be commended for its commitment to not only improving P.A. announcing, but also for helping draw attention to P.A. announcing and the important role that P.A. announcers play in administering athletic events.  It is obvious by the state and national sports governing bodies that have partnered with the NASPAA how much they respect the organization, its mission and leadership."  
Bruce Whitehead, Executive Director, National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

What Individual Members Say

High School

"NASPAA has been a great tool for me to expand my work from a purely local level to a truly national scale. "The Voice"  has provided great insight about all facets of sports public address announcing that I do not believe can be received anywhere else. The more NASPAA expands, the more all announcers can feed off of each other's experiences and discoveries to become better. NASPAA has made me feel as though I am not alone in a world of adults trying to make it, but rather, that I have already accomplished so much and have company all over the United States. I have a feeling that a bond formed through NASPAA, with other high school announcers, could end up taking all of us to the top of the profession.  I am currently in the process of starting a sports broadcasting club at my school and "The Voice" will be a very valuable part of the curriculum."
Zealand Shannon, Steinbrenner High School and New York Yankees Organization, (Tampa, FL)

Junior College

"Being a member of NASPAA, has helped me focus on the importance of being professional, not only on the local level, but on the state and national level as well.  NASPAA's The Voice Above the Crowd, coupled with its P.A. announcers clinics, has insured that I have received the best instruction available for public address announcers, and I am able to reflect that training and professionalism every time I step behind a microphone."
Rob Emery, Labette Community College (Parsons, KS)


"Being a public address announcer at the collegiate level is certainly one of the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding experiences in one's life. Through my membership in the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers,  my reading and hearing about other college announcers' experiences have definitely helped me to evaluate and continually try to improve my own announcing.  My membership also makes me feel proud to be part of a very unique and special team of professionals in the country."
Don Essig, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)


"I was really pleased to learn that the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers had been established. I believe an organization such at the NASPAA brings recognition to a profession, and I believe it is a profession, whether announcing at the high school, college, or professional level. I am glad there is a place where announcers are able to interact and learn from each other, and I am truly pleased that there is an organization where standards of performance are promulgated."
Bob Tayek, Stadium Announcer, Cleveland Indians