NASPAA is the professional association for sports public address announcers and the individuals who hire and assign announcers.

Awards Program


The Bob Sheppard P.A. Announcer of the Year Award

© 2010.  The Star-Ledger.  All rights reserved.  Reprinted with permission. The NASPAA is proud to present the Bob Sheppard P.A. Announcer of the Year Award, which is the heart of the NASPAA’s national recognition program for sports public address announcers. The program is sponsored by Clell Wade Coaches Directory and Balfour. Bob Sheppard was the stadium announcer for the New York Yankees for 57 years, and is considered to be the best sports P.A. announcer ever. His professionalism was legendary. He believed in the three Cs--be clear, concise and correct. His philosophy of P.A. announcing was simple. As he stated, “A P.A. announcer is not a cheerleader, or a circus barker or a home town screecher. He’s a reporter.” Because the award is an NASPAA membership benefit, nominees must be NASPAA members.

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The Bob Sheppard P.A. Announcer of the Year Award will be given to an announcer at each of the following levels: high school, junior college, NAIA, NCAA and non-school amateur. High school and college student announcers are also eligible for the award. Award recipients will receive a Balfour championship ring.

“The Bob Sheppard P.A. Announcer of the Year Award represents what Bob Sheppard and the NASPAA are all about, which is professionalism,” commented Brad Rumble, NASPAA Executive Director. “We are truly humbled to have been provided this extraordinary opportunity to present this award and to help perpetuate his legacy.”

“I am unaware of any national awards for sports P.A. announcers, but even if there were, none would be as symbolic to P.A. announcing as the Bob Sheppard P.A. Announcer of the Year Award,” remarked Jeff Kurtz, NASPAA Board Member and Kent State University P.A. Announcer.  "As a public address announcer, being mentioned in the same breath as Bob Sheppard is like being compared to John Wooden, Walt Alston or Vince Lombardi as a coach, or Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan or Jim Brown as an athlete. There could be no higher form of praise in this field. It means you are recognized as one of the best at what you do.  I know our members will recognize just how special the award is, and appreciate the opportunity they have to be nominated for it."


For high school nominees, a nomination form must be submitted by the nominee's athletic director. If a high school nominee does not announce for a school, the nomination form may be submitted by the nominee's respective state high school association. Nominations for college announcers must be submitted by one of the following; 1) school's athletic director, 2) sports information director, or 3) a head coach. College announcers who do not announce for a school may be nominated by their respective conference, league or association. Nominations for amateur non-school P.A. announcers, must be submitted by the coach of the nominee’s team. Nomination forms and nominees' mp3 files must be received by NASPAA by August 1 each year. Selections will be made by September 1.  

Audio Requirements

Listed below are the three types of announcements that must be submitted and the audio requirements. 

1. Welcome/opening announcement (45 seconds max)
2. Introduction of some starters for home and opponents (60 seconds max)
3. Two reads--One must be the National Anthem and the other may be a sponsor read, special presentation, upcoming school event or activitity.
4. Game/event action (90 seconds max)
Note 1: Total length of mp3 file should not exceed 3 minutes 45 seconds.
Note 2: The mp3 file must be made while announcing a live event. Studio recordings or self-recordings are not accepted.
Note 3: Only mp3 files will be accepted. CDs and DVDs WILL NOT be accepted.
Note 4: Audio samples will become the property of the NASPAA.
Note 5: Nominees will be judged on being clear, concise, correct, voice quality and announcing i.e., delivery and style and adherence to proper ethics.  (See NASPAA Code of Conduct on the front page of the website).  Types of announcements such as "Brought down hard, And one, Threeeee!!!, etc." will be cause for disqualification.  Professionalism, which was what Bob Sheppard was all about, will be a major consideration.

To nominate someone, complete the Nomination Form and and then email it to Brad Rumble.
Send mp3 files electronically to Brad Rumble.

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