NASPAA is the professional association for sports public address announcers and the individuals who hire and assign announcers.

Credentials Listing Service

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NASPAA members who want to be considered for P.A. announcing opportunities may post their credentials on the NASPAA website. Members must log in to the Members Only area and complete the NASPAA Credentials Listing Service Form. Teams, schools and organizations (amateur or professional) that are seeking a P.A. announcer will be able to access the Credentials Listing Service (CLS) to review prospects. NASPAA members may subscribe to the CLS for $10 annually. CLS participants will have the ability to update their forms.

The CLS form has been designed to be discrete. For example, revealing that you are interested in another P.A. announcing position or where you are currently announcing may not be well received by your current employer, depending on your situation. This practice will also prevent entities that would like to obtain your name for other reasons from contacting you.

You are required to list your name on the form. However, the form which will be posted on the public side of the website will not reveal your name. Instead, each CLS participant will be assigned an identification number visible to potential employers.

Entities interested in contacting certain CLS participants will have to go through the NASPAA, which will screen inquires to make sure that they are legitimate. CLS participants selected by the entities will be notified by the NASPAA. At that point, CLS participants and the interested entities will communicate directly with each other, and the NASPAA will no longer be involved.

If you would like to participate in the CLS, click the link below and submit our form online (cost is $10 per person annually). Upon receipt, the NASPAA will review your form. If it meets the requirements, it will be approved, and you will receive an auto response e-mail confirmation. If something on your form needs to be revised, the NASPAA will inform you. As soon as the form is approved, it will be entered into the CLS system for potential employers to access.

Enrollment in the credential listing service is only available to members only.

To list your credentials for a $10 annual fee please click here and subscribe to our CLS service from within your member profile.