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Professionals On the Sideline: The Line-to-Gain Crew DVD

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Proper training of line to gain crews is essential for a well-run football game. As an extension of the officiating crew, the line-to-gain crew need to know rules, techniques and procedures that can help them work cohesively with game officials.

This video was produced in response to requests from high school and college athletic administrators and officials, as well as associations and conferences, for an effective means to train line-to gain crews. The video explains and demonstrates what the line-to-gain crew is to do in a variety of situations, and is suitable for all levels of football.

"Learning on the job is not the only alternative for football line-to-gain crews. The video will give line-to-gain crews the training they need to perform their duties properly and more professionally. I am confident that the NIAAA members will also realize the importance of the video and that they will obtain copies for their line-to gain crews."
Bruce Whitehead, Executive Director, NIAAA

"The video is very well done. I think this is a resource that will be very invaluable for training officials at every level. Good information!"
Walt Anderson, NFL Football Official

"The OHSAA utilized this training DVD in all association meetings. It is a great educational tool."
Henry Zaborniak Jr., Assistant Commissioner, Ohio High School Athletic Association and NFHS Football Rules Committee Member

"I believe this instructional video will be a very beneficial training tool for high schools, colleges and officiating crews at all levels. It clearly demonstrates in game-like conditions exactly what the line-to-gain crew is supposed to do. The quality is excellent!"
Larry Lady, NAIA National Supervisor of Officials

"There are some things in life that go unnoticed until there is a problem.  That is the story of the line-to-gain crew at a football game.  An error there can have a profound effect on a football game, so that is why the GHSA has used the Line-to-Gain DVD to help in the training of people to handle this important duty.  It is effective."
Ralph Swearngin, Executive Director, Georgia High School League
and NFHS Football Rules Committee Member

Click to purchase the Line to Gain DVD for only $9.95 (plus shipping)