NASPAA is the professional association for sports public address announcers and the individuals who hire and assign announcers.

Polls Results

NASPAA frequently polls the site's visitors about their opinions on various topics concerning public address announcing. Below are the links to poll results.

How many sports do you announce annually?

What is your primary level of announcing?

What is your primary level of announcing?

Are you an employee of the institution or organization you announce for?

Are you paid to announce?

Are you given expectations for announcing by the school or entity that you announce for?

If you announce high school football, which range below best approximates what you are paid to announce a regular season football game?

Which one of the following would be your first choice to announce if given the opportunity?

What Brand of microphone do you use?

What type of microphone do you use?

If you are a football P.A. announcer, do you use a spotter?

Who plays the music at your game/event?

If recorded music is played at your event, what genre is played the most?

If you play music, which format do you use?

If you announce basketball, which do you introduce first?

If you announce baseball or softball, do you play walk-up music?

Have you been informed of the emergency plan for various types of emergency situations and what you should announce for each situation?

Have you ever had to make an emergency announcement that required fans to be evacuated?